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Strength & Conditioning Specialist

I am passionate about sports and strength

and conditioning. Performance training is not just about lifting heavy weights. I want to help you

to understand the reason behind our actions.



  • Current Head of performance at Rostock Seawolves, Basketball Bundesliga

  • Former Head of performance at Nassjo Basket, Sweden Basketball League

  • Former Strength & Conditioning Coach at Spark Athletic - Spark Performance Team

Víctor M. Alfaro

PhD in Exercise Physiology

I'm a geek who is amazed at how we are able to adapt and coordinate all of our body systems during exercise. Physiology is crazy, but exercise physiology is like magic to me.

A magic that happens in every training session and that I want to help you discover.



  • Current Postdoc Researcher at ELIKOS Research Group, University of Navarra

  • Former Predoctoral Researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

  • Former Predoctoral Researcher at LFE Research Group, Technical University of Madrid

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