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Athletic Perfomance

Athletic performance

In this area of Performance with Science, you will benefit from the experience in high performance and high level competition of our trainer Edu. He spends his day to day with professional athletes, getting the most out of them and keeping them away from injuries. In addition, our coach Victor will bring his expertise in areas such as supplementation and control of physiological variables to increase performance and well-being. 

We offer the following services focused on increasing your sports performance so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.  

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Health & Aesthetics

Health & Aesthetics

Here we will help you achieve your best version of yourself through exercise. At Performance with Science we believe that a body should be beautiful inside and out. Our philosophy is to train to squeeze the physiological benefits that exercise provides. Guess how we do this? Of course, based on science. Plus you will have the experience of our coach Víctor, training and researching in different athlete and non-athlete populations. 

We offer the following services focused on increasing muscle mass and strength while still working on important aspects such as conditioning, jumping, sprinting, improving mobility, and strengthening particularly demanding areas such as the hips and shoulders. In this way we aim to make you gain strength and muscle mass in an efficient and useful way. This means making you a more capable individual, improving your health, athleticism and performance in different areas.


Choose the one that best suits your needs.  

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We are Performance with Science, but we are also Edu and Víctor, two guys who will be happy to talk to you.


Write us for whatever you need, doubts, advice, collaborations, information about our services... whatever.

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